Expert Interview Series

Ron Romer is an accomplished formulator and current technical service manager of the decorative coatings market segment in the Americas region. Ron joined Evonik's Coating Additives business line in 2017, after the acquisition of the Huber silica business.

  • Opacity and TiO2 spacing: Unique mechanisms based on particle morphology to space and extend/replace TiO2. Tint strength and wet opacity can only be achieved by proper TiO2 spacing.
  • Brightness: Synthetic precipitates offer superior purity versus natural-mineral-based fillers. The controlled precipitation process makes them an industry standard in brightness, without any crystalline silica content.
  • Sheen control: ZEOLEX® and SIPERNAT® silicates are offered with different particle sizes and surface areas to tailor the balance of 85/60 degree gloss across a range of mid-to-low gloss systems.
  • Touch-up control: Perhaps one of the most important benefits. ZEOLEX® and SIPERNAT® silicates provide uniform sheen and color development in the finished coating, despite variations in application methods or conditions.