Successfully navigating food contact compliances

Digital printing for packaging continues to show strong growth, enabling customization and individualization to brand owners. Evonik offers additive solutions to enable improved substrate wetting and adhesion, stable pigment dispersion, and improved rub resistance. Our products also address many of today's requirements for global food contact compliance.  Currently, there is no effort to globally harmonize food contact compliances. Instead, numerous national and regional legislations exist, making it challenging for packaging system formulators to stay informed about changes and maintain compliance.

Evonik Coating Additives can help you successfully navigate food contact compliances. Not only do we offer a broad portfolio of specialty additives for printing ink and overprint varnishes used in food packaging applications, we also offer expert regulatory guidance for the relevant product portfolio to our customers. Our team of regulatory experts is connected to Evonik’s worldwide network of product stewardship experts and can support you with information about international chemical regulations, food contact regulations, and much more. Some examples of our services include:  

  • Information about international chemical regulations (REACH, TSCA, etc.)
  • Food contact regulations (FDA, Swiss A, China GB, etc.)
  • Confidential product compositional disclosures to Analytical Institutes
  • Industry standards and certificates (Öko-Tex, DIN, Eco-labels etc)

Our regulatory support is also available digitally via several channels:

  • Soon, our Product Finder will enable customers to search products recommendations based on food contact compliance needs.
  • Our global team has local contacts in all regions to assist our customers with their regional specific compliance needs. Learn more here. 

Through both innovative product development, as well as regulatory excellence, Evonik Coating Additives is ready to support you in your food packaging needs.