TEGO® VariPlus BK and LK - Grinding resins for solventborne low VOC colorants

In some areas and applications solventborne coatings are still the best solution. But since emissions have to be reduced as much as possible, there is a strong trend towards low VOCs. To safe VOCs of the final coating the VOC levels of the used colorants play an important role.

Our family of grinding resins for solventborne formulations has a new member


TEGO® Variplus BK is a new ketone resin that enables formulators to reduce the VOC of the colorant formulation to 350 g/L. It is compatible with a broad range of binder technologies and has a low influence on coating properties like drying time, hardness and weatherability.

For even lower VOC levels TEGO® Variplus BK can be combined with our well known TEGO® Variplus LK. Colorant formulations with a low influence on coating properties and VOC contents between 250 and 300 g/L become possible.

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Toolbox concept - Achievable VOC limits for colorant lines

Toolbox Results - Viscosity of PV 19 colorants at different VOC levels


A broad variety of binder systems was tested in liquid

  • Acrylic - self-crosslinking
  • Acrylic - 2P PU
  • Polyether – 1P
  • Polyester – 1P
  • Polyester – 2P PU
  • Short oil alkyd
  • Medium oil alkyd
  • Long oil alkyd
  • Polyaspartic acid ester
  • Epoxy

Influence on coatings properties - At eye level with market standard