TEGO Dispers 679: A High performance / cost ratio dispersant

The coatings industry has matured after decades of development, and profit margin has seen a continuous decline. This steers manufacturers to look for high performance / cost ratio raw materials to use in their formulations. The industrial coatings market - comprised of applications such as steel structures, wind turbines, engineering machinery, and other related products - is a big market in the coatings industry, and and it is still dominated by solventborne technologies.  

In coating systems, pigment dispersing is a very important process. During the dispersion process, dispersants wet small particles to improve grinding efficiency. The pigment-affinic group of the dispersant will absorb onto the surface of small particles, and the other end of the dispersant will dissolve into the binder solution to form a repulsion layer. This helps small particles stabilize in the coatings system for a long time with flocculation. Meanwhile, the dispersant will also help to improve flooding and floating, which further enhances the gloss and hiding power. 

TEGO Dispers 679 is a polymeric, high performance / cost ratio wetting and dispersing additive for solventborne coatings. This dispersant has a suitable polar effect, which has broad compatibility with almost any resin used in coatings and inks. It can be used for all-purpose solventborne pigment concentrates and direct grind. TEGO Dispers 679 enables the formulation of organic, inorganic, and carbon black pigment dispersions for industrial applications, such as protective coatings, transportation coatings, plastic coatings, etc. 

The use of TEGO Dispers 679 pomotes: 

  • Excellent viscosity reduction
  • Improved gloss and distinctness of image
  • Improved color strength and tinting performance
  • Reduced flooding and floating
  • Good storage stability 

Viscosity reduction

When dispersants adsorb onto the surface of pigment particles, the friction between these particles is reduced and the viscosity of the coating decreases. Viscosity reduction is very helpful for formulators who design high PVC coating systems; more pigments and fillers can be added into the system. These days, high solids and solvent-free coating systems have becoming trending worldwide due to environmental pressure. These systems have much higher viscosities. TEGO Dispers 679 solves the issue of high viscosity. 

color development

When the dispersant adsorbs onto the surface of the pigment particle, a repulsion layer is formed. This layer separates small particles and prevents flocculation. Well-dispersed pigments show good color development. These coating systems show good gloss and DOI values, and the films have a pleasing aesthetic appearance that attracts customers .

universal dispersant

A universal dispersant usually has different pigment-affinic groups for anchoring to different pigments (inorganic, organic, carbon black). A universal dispersant also has broad compatibility with almost all kinds of resins. This kind of dispersant can be widely used for all-purpose solventborne pigment concentrates and direct grinds. Formulators can reduce their raw materials inventory. TEGO Dispers 679 is such kind of a universal dispersant. It has already proven compatible with different resin sysems, such as 2K PU, acrylic/melamine, alkyd systems, etc. 

TEGO Dispers 679 is a widely applicable dispersant, suitable for most solventborne coating formulations. It follows the other TEGO Dispers series products, providing a valuable contribution to the coatings industry.