Rheology control additives for waterborne coatings

AERODISP® W 7520 and WF 7620 – Rheology control additives for waterborne wood coatings  

The coatings industry is experiencing an ongoing shift from solvent-based to eco-friendly systems. Waterborne coatings are globally accepted as environmentally friendly technology, however this change brings some challenges with it. To support the film formation and avoid sagging during drying time, the use of rheology control additives is inevitable.

AERODISP® W 7520 is an aqueous dispersion of hydrophilic AEROSIL® fumed silica. AERODISP® WF 7620 is an aqueous dispersion of a functionalized AEROSIL® fumed silica.

Both products provide higher rheological performance in water-based coating formulations compared to fumed silica powders and dispersions on the market. They efficiently prevent settlement of pigments and fillers in the liquid phase as well as sagging during application. By using AERODISP® W 7520 and AERODISP® WF 7620, customers can skip pearl milling and do not need any other high shear equipment for incorporation. Therefore these products are recommended also for post addition. They are suitable for pigmented and clear water-based formulations alike.

Key benefits of AERODISP® W 7520 and AERODISP® WF 7620:

  • Versatile and powerful tool to adjust and control rheological behavior by maintaining good levelling properties
  • Highly effective even in presence of larger amounts of co-solvents
  • Robust rheological performance in a broad pH-range
  • No negative influence on gloss and transparency
  • Pigment stabilization
  • Anti-settling
  • Anti-sagging
  • Easy to incorporate


Rheology Control Additives

Aerodisp for waterborne wood coatings

Superior viscosity jump curves, e.g. water-based acrylic resin

Viscosity jump curves

Excellent anti-sagging properties, e.g. water-based filler

Anti-sagging properties