Responsible Environmental Awareness

Products from the paint, printing inks and coatings industry are subject to increasingly stringent demands.
Modern, new products enable Coating Additives to play its part in meeting current and future requirements for coatings.

Coating Additives occupies a leading position especially in the areas of modern environmentally-friendly paints such as waterborne coatings, radiation-curing systems, solvent-free and high-solids formulations.


We are focused on continually improving our environmental protection and quality standards.

Production, research and development, sales, and technical marketing are certified as part of a quality and environmental management system conforming to the requirements....

This ensures that customers consistently receive high-quality products.


Apart from its international outlook and innovative ideas, Coating Additives also stands for the conscious and effective implementation of environmental concepts.

For many years, consideration of ecological consequences and protection of natural resources have been a central plank of Coating Additives' philosophy.

Our products continue to be developed for modern environmentally-friendly coating systems.
A major contribution towards achieving this goal is made by our participation in the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® program. This global program requires us to constantly and voluntarily improve our levels of environmental and health protection, as well as our safety.

We monitor the entire life cycle of our products, from their development to their production to their transport and disposal.


Sustainability is a central element in our claim "Power to Create". Evonik is the one providing innovative solutions that help to make our lives more sustainable, more healthy, and more comfortable.