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ACEMATT®, AEROSIL®, TEGO®, and SURFYNOL® are known worldwide for their reliability, innovation, and outstanding performance. For decades, they have stood for providing a multitude of surface solutions and enhancing the properties of coatings and inks in a variety markets. We are devoted to the continuous improvement of our product portfolio.

ACEMATT® - Brilliantly matte

In today’s demanding market, it is very important for manufacturers to be able to easily formulate and produce coatings and paints with finishes ranging from high-gloss to matte.

Evonik’s silica-based matting agents affect the surface structure in such a way that the light hitting the treated surface is scattered. The matting particles - which break the surface of the coating - are invisible to the human eye. Neither the color of the coating nor the underlying surface are significantly affected. 

With a good matte coating film, objects such as the dashboard of your car or the top of your dining table have an elegant shine and pleasant feel.

The roughness of the surface not only provides good haptic qualities, it also imparts a noble satin-gloss finish, which is very popular in certain markets (parquet floors, for example). Choosing a matte surface is not just an aesthetic decision, but it's also a matter of safety: Some applications, such as building facades and industrial floors, use a matte surface to to avoid dangerous light reflections. 

ACEMATT® is the best matting solution for any coatings formulation, from water-based to UV-curing.

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