Press release
Coating Additives
January 10, 2012

TEGO® Airex 990 and TEGO® Airex 991 - Modern, solvent-free deaerators for the next generation of solventborne High Solids coatings

TEGO® Airex 990 and TEGO® Airex 991 represent a new generation of deaerators and defoamers for solventborne High Solids coatings. These liquid products contain 100 % active substance, are free of organic solvents and recoatable. This gives the formulator the opportunity to set the solvent content.

TEGO® Airex 990 is a compatible deaerator for clear and pigmented coatings. Its strength lies in balancing compatibility and effective deaeration. It can be used in all kinds of spray applications.
TEGO® Airex 991 is a very powerful deaerator for pigmented fillers and top coats. Due to its outstanding performance against micro- and macro-foam it can be used in many different systems with particular emphasis on airless, airmix and roller application.