Press release
Coating Additives
May 25, 2012

TEGO® Airex 990 and TEGO® Airex 991 - Modern, solvent-free deaerators for the next generation of solventborne high solids coatings

TEGO® Airex 990 and TEGO® Airex 991 represent a new generation of
deaerators and defoamers for solventborne high solids coatings. These
liquid products contain 100% active substance, are free of organic
solvents and boast good recoatability. This gives the formulator the advantage of setting the solvent content.

TEGO® Airex 990 is a compatible deaerator for clear and pigmented
coatings, strengthened by its ability to balance compatibility and effective
deaeration. It can be used in all types of spray applications.

TEGO® Airex 991 is a very powerful deaerator for pigmented fillers and
top coats. Even at medium to high film build, it shows outstanding performance against microfoam and macrofoam and can be used in many different systems with particular emphasis on airless, airmix and roller application.

Coating Additives, a business line of Evonik, provides innovative solutions to common problems associated with today’s low VOC coatings technologies. Evonik produces an extensive line of defoamers / deaerators, dispersants, surface control agents, co-binders, and resins specially designed for waterborne, solventborne, high-solids, and energy-curable systems. Visit our website: or email us at The North American Headquarters and Technical Competence Center for Coatings and Inks is located in Hopewell, VA.