TEGO® Dispers 687 – Wetting and dispersing additive for matting agents in solventborne coatings

TEGO® Dispers 687 is a new dispersant specially developed for the wetting and dispersing of matting agents in solventborne coatings.

TEGO® Dispers 687 helps achieve coating characteristics such as excellent anti-sedimentation and consistent matte values.

Highly recommended for semi-gloss and matte wood coatings, TEGO® Dispers 687 extends the application window by greatly reducing the sedimentation tendency of matting agents, even when the paint is diluted over a period of time.

TEGO® Dispers 687 is especially suitable for untreated matting agents that have good transparency but high sedimentation tendency. Because of its excellent anti-sedimentation property, it allows users to lessen or eliminate the use of anti-sedimentation additives in their formulation – which is advantageous to the development of highly transparent matte coatings.


Thomas Lange