Markus Hallack has 33 total years in the coatings industry, the first 15 of which he spent with coating manufacturers. For the past 18 years, he has been working for raw materials suppliers to the coatings industry. He currently holds the position of Head of Silicone Resin Technology for Evonik's Coating Additives business line. Mona Seyfried began her career at Evonik in 2016 as the Head of an R&D synthesis group developing new silicone hybrid resin binders for coating applications.  

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Traditional solventborne heat-resistant coatings fall short of modern demands, such as eco-friendliness. 

Take a look at this nice pan [in the video]. You may consider that the outside is coated with a solvent-based resin formulation, but NO. It’s a waterborne silicone polyester. It is the newly developed SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3

Our unique SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 shows an excellent combination of sustainability and high performance. It is free of organic solvents and features a significantly reduced VOC content. Which makes your formulation more eco-friendly. 

This new developed silicon polyester binder for waterborne coatings is suitable for direct food contact in cook- and bake-ware applications. This binder shows the same performance you are used to from your common solvent-based binder solutions on the market.

You can furthermore enjoy great freedom when formulating your coatings since SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 can be combined with various pigments and is easy to formulate. Standard application methods as spray coating is possible.

silikoftal® htw 3 is the first-of-its-kind resin that combines several unique properties into one product. 

Heat-resistant coatings for cook- and bake-ware are certainly not new – but until now they have been almost exclusively solventborne. There are a few waterborne silicone polyester resins available on the market but they either lack in performance, are not easy to formulate with, or are not suitable for the use in direct food contact.

With our SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3, we provide an innovative solution that satisfies increasing global environmental awareness. As a sustainable solution, it meets the increasing number of regulations concerning the use of organic solvents. The combination of this waterborne, heat-resistant silicone polyester binder with excellent coating properties and suitability for food contact is unique on the market and contributes to making our portfolio more sustainable.

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SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 Technical Information