Interviews from the 2019 LACS

interview with francisco cortes, lab manager in mexico

This interview was conducted by the ANAFAPYT organization at the 2019 Latin American Coatings Show in Mexico. An English-language summary of the video can be found below. 

During the last cycle of Technical Conferences 2019, organized by ANAFAPYT and Vincentz Network, I gave a short course titled, "Understanding Additives for Waterborne Industrial Coatings." I talked about the driving mechanisms around the use of surfactants to develop current waterborne industrial formulations in Latin America in order to replace solvent-based coatings, which is becoming a growing tendency within the region.

Replacing organic solvents with water has its own challenges in industrial coatings. But in the the end, by choosing the right chemistry and/or combination of surfactants, waterborne industrial coatings can achieve the same level of product performance and value for the end-user.

The value added by having this cycle of Technical Conferences during the Latin American Coatings Show, was in first place the joint organization with Vincentz Network, which gathered in one-place diverse technologies as well as the Top Raw Materials suppliers for the coatings industry, giving high-level technical conferences to coatings developers and producers.

View the Spanish-language interview here.