Improve the efficiency of your grinding process with Grind Aids, Surfactants and Dispersants


Dynamic Surface Tension


  • Grind aid that provides an optimal balance of wetting and stabilization for efficient pigment milling

  • Dynamic pigment wetting combined with low foam

  • Minimal impact on system rheology, water resistance, leaching, and blocking resistance

  • Improved color rub-out and color acceptance

  • Suitable for low-VOC paints and eco-label-compliant formulations

    Recommeded addition level:
    Between 0.2 and 0.5 % of total formulation. Higher usage levels, up to 3 % of total formulation, are suitable for wetting and stabilization in higher PVC formulations and pigment pastes. Can be used in grind and letdown stages.

    Active matter content: 85 %

    Solvent: water

Architectural Coatings


  • Multi-functional additive based on Gemini surfactant technology

  • Excellent dynamic pigment and substrate wetting combined with good defoaming  properties 

  • Reduces minimum film formation temperatures and improves film coalescence

  • Allows formulators to partially reduce co-solvent and meet VOC requirements

  • Suitable for low VOC paints and Ecolabel compliant formulations

    Recommended addition level:
    Between 0.1 and 1.0 % of total formulation weight. Can be used in grind and letdown stages.

    Active matter content: 100 %

    Solvent: none

Rub out

TEGO® Dispers 747 W

  • Very efficient wetting and dispersing additive for waterborne pigment concentrates  and direct grinds; suitable for low-VOC and Eco-Label-compliant paints

  • Effective grinding of inorganic pigments and fillers

  • Leads to outstanding pigment concentrate acceptance with minimized rub-out values  and high color strength

  • White base paint formulations show excellent storage stability at low viscosities

  • Minimal influence on coating properties

    Recommended addition level: 0.3 – 1.0 % for direct grind

    Active matter content: approx. 35 %

    Solvent: water

Grind aid surfactants are essential for the milling process, optimizing energy usage and maximizing particle size reduction. CARBOWET® GA 200 surfactant is designed to provide dynamic surface tension control combined with good deaeration, leading to a more efficient milling process.

SURFYNOL® AD01 is a multi-functional surfactant that helps with formulating in a more efficient manner. Besides reducing dynamic surface tension and providing outstanding defoaming in pigment grind and paints, it also acts as coalescing agent.
Added to the binder, SURFYNOL® AD01 decreases the minimum film formation temperature and allows coating formulators  to partially reduce the amount of co-solvent to help meet VOC requirements.