Inkjet Packaging

PackAging Applications

Digital printing for packaging continues to show strong growth, enabling customization and individualization to brand owners. Evonik offers additive solutions to enable improved substrate wetting and adhesion, stable pigment dispersion, and improved rub resistance. Our products also address many of today's requirements for global food contact compliance.  

Product Recommendations for packaging applications
Adhesion Resins
TEGO® AddBond DS 1300TEGO® AddBond LTHTEGO® AddBond LP 1600TEGO® AddBond LTHTEGO® AddBond LP 1600TEGO® AddBond LP 1611
TEGO® Foamex 1488TEGO® Foamex 3062TEGO® Foamex 844TEGO® Foamex 840TEGO® Foamex NTEGO® Foamex 805 NTEGO® Airex 900TEGO® Airex 921
Film enhancer
TEGO® VariPlus DS 50TEGO® VariPlus UC W 40TEGO® VariPlus SKTEGO® VariPlus 1201 TFTEGO® VariPlus CATEGO® VariPlus APTEGO® VariPlus SK
TEGO® Phobe 1650TEGO® Phobe 1500 NTEGO® Rad 2010TEGO® Rad 2500
Other Additives
ADDID® 900ADDID® 230TEGO® Humectant 7000ADDID® 900ADDID® 230ADDID® 900
Rheology Control
TEGO® ViscoPlus 3000TEGO® ViscoPlus 3010AEROSIL® 200
Substrate Wetting
TEGO® Wet 550SURFYNOL® 420TEGO® Wet 285TEGO® Wet 270TEGO® Wet 285TEGO® Wet KL 245TEGO® Rad 2200 NTEGO® Rad 2250TEGO® Glide 432
Surface Control
TEGO® Glide 494TEGO® Glide 492TEGO® Glide A 116TEGO® Glide 100TEGO® Glide 450TEGO® Rad 2300TEGO® Rad 2250TEGO® Glide 432
Wetting & Dispersing
TEGO® Dispers 750 WZETASPERSE® 3800TEGO® Dispers 761 WTEGO® Dispers 690TEGO® Dispers 685TEGO® Dispers 675TEGO® Dispers 685TEGO® Dispers 690TEGO® Dispers 689
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