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Pigment concentrates

Among the various challenges of paint formulation, issues related to colorant compatibility and color development are certainly some of the most common and difficult to solve.

The basic concept of a tinting system is that the selected color shade can be formulated by dispensing colorants into a can containing a prefilled base paint under set conditions and at a ratio according to the specific formulation. Excellent compatibility between the main components is necessary to create the desired color and reproduce that color during each formulation. A key goal in implementing a tinting system is making sure that the compatibility requirements will be met under all relevant tinting processing conditions.

Architectural Coatings

Product Recommendations for Pigment Concentrates for DECORATIVE COATING Applications


Product Recommendations for Pigment Concentrates for INDUSTRIAL COATING Applications


Product Recommendations for Pigment Concentrates for TRANSPORTATION COATING Applications

Wood Coating

TEGO® ColorAid

New compatibilizers improve the use of universal pigment concentrates in alkyd resin coatings.

Wooden Doors

TEGO® Dispers 628 & TEGO® Dispers 655

Get ready for TiO2 reformulations and find out more about our additives for high-quality solventborne direct grinds.

Globus Variplus

TEGO® VariPlus LK

TEGO® VariPlus LK drastically lowers the VOC content in pigment concentrates for solventborne coatings and for the overall formulation.

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