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Film and Foil PackAging

To meet both the demanding performance requirements and the food contact compliance needs of the flexible packaging inks market, Evonik offers a broad product portfolio that addresses substrate wetting and adhesion, scratch and rub resistance, defoaming, and pigment dispersion. Whether you are formulating water-based, solvent-based, or radiation-cure inks, our Experts can help find the best solution for your technical and global food contact compliance needs. 

Product Recommendations for Film and Foil Packaging
Adhesion Resins
TEGO® AddBond DS 1300TEGO® AddBond LTHTEGO® AddBond LP 1600TEGO® AddBond LTHTEGO® AddBond LP 1600TEGO® AddBond LP 1611
TEGO® Foamex 844TEGO® Foamex 830TEGO® Airex 901 WTEGO® Foamex 840TEGO® Foamex NTEGO® Airex 900TEGO® Airex 921TEGO® Rad 2500
Film enhancer
TEGO® VariPlus DS 50TEGO® VariPlus UC W 40TEGO® VariPlus SKTEGO® VariPlus 1201 TFTEGO® VariPlus CATEGO® VariPlus APTEGO® VariPlus SK
TEGO® Phobe 1650TEGO® Phobe 1500 NTEGO® Rad 2010TEGO® Rad 2500
Other Additives
ADDID® 900ADDID® 230TEGO® Humectant 7000ADDID® 900ADDID® 230ADDID® 900
Rheology Control
TEGO® ViscoPlus 3000TEGO® ViscoPlus 3010AEROSIL® 200
Specialty Binders
Substrate Wetting
TEGO® Wet 285SURFYNOL® 420TEGO® Wet 270TEGO® Wet 270TEGO® Wet 285TEGO® Wet KL 245TEGO® Rad 2200 NTEGO® Rad 2250TEGO® Glide 432
Surface Control
TEGO® Glide 494TEGO® Glide 492TEGO® Glide A 116TEGO® Glide 100TEGO® Glide 450TEGO® Rad 2300TEGO® Rad 2250TEGO® Glide 432
Wetting & Dispersing
TEGO® Dispers 757 WZETASPERSE® 3800TEGO® Dispers 761 WTEGO® Dispers 690TEGO® Dispers 685TEGO® Dispers 675TEGO® Dispers 685TEGO® Dispers 690TEGO® Dispers 689
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