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Wood Coatings

Furniture, joinery, and flooring are just a few of the various application areas for wood coatings. With our additives and binders, we address all kinds of industry challenges like defoaming, cissing, color acceptance, matting, or scratch resistance. We're also working on new solutions to match the on-going trends for low-VOC and environmentally friendly coatings.

Waterborne Wood Coating


Waterborne coatings are globally accepted as environmentally friendly technology. To compete with solventborne coatings, the optimal selection of additives and binders is crucial.

Waterborne Wood Coatings
Solventborne Wood Coatings


Solventborne wood coatings are very established and well developed technologies. The requirement for VOC reduction, however, is a serious challenge. Learn more about how we address this issue.

Solventborne Wood Coatings
UV Curing Wood Coating


UV-curable coatings have many advantages: They are environmentally friendly, nearly universally applicable, and they have a very fast application process. The challenge is to expand their fields of applications. 

UV Wood Coatings

Videos for Wood Coating Applications

Zetasperse 3800
widely applicable dispersing agent for waterborne systems 

Join us as we look at a dispersant for all types of pigments which was developed for multiple applications and has a broad compatibility.

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Formulating pigment concentrates
Formulating pigment concentrates for industrial, wood and transportation coatings

Join our expert as he explains the various technologies for wetting and dispersing additives used to formulate in a direct grind as well as pigment concentrates for industrial, wood and transportation coatings.

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Evonik supports your wood coating formulation

Furniture, joinery, and flooring are just a few of the various application areas for wood coatings. In this video you can learn more about the world of wood coatings, its technology and challenges.

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Foam control

What is foam and how to control it? You can find the answers in this video, which is a training for foam control technologies for Solventborne and UV Systems.

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Defoamers and deaerators for waterborne coatings

When dealing with coatings we know there might be no moment without the risk to create foam. All this foam lead in a lot of problems like the loss of weather resistance or corrosion protection. To get rid of that macro and micro foam we need defoamers and dearators.

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Tego Glide Recoatable

Heike Semmler, Senior Manager Technical Service Wood Coatings, discusses the challenges in formulating wood and furniture coatings and introduces TEGO® Glide 496, a new surface control additive that provides slip and scratch resistance in combination with excellent recoatability.

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