Regulatory Guidance

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Regulatory Guidance

Keeping up with regulatory information is vital in our industry. When it comes to regulatory inquiries regarding our products, our global team of experts is available to provide the best possible customer support. Our expertise allows us to help customers meet all necessary  regulatory requirements, thereby giving a boost to the development of new formulations.

Regulatory Guidance

The increasing importance of consumer and environmental protections has led to the worldwide enactment of various legislations, standards, and guidelines. Subsequently, big players in the consumer market have imposed their own company safety standards regarding the chemicals used in their products.

Due to the broad spectrum of end-use applications for coatings and inks, it is a challenge for manufacturers of coatings and inks to ensure the compliance of their products in all relevant application areas.

Our regulatory guidance team is connected to Evonik’s worldwide network of product stewardship experts. Our regulatory colleagues are here to support you with information about international chemicals regulations (e.g. REACH, TSCA, etc.), food contact regulations, Eco-labels and much more. 

Based on our decades of experience, we have established Regulatory Data Sheets (RDS) for a majority of our product portfolio, covering the regulations most frequently asked about.  

Along with RDS, we offer Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Our data sheets are always up-to-date.

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