Press release
Coating Additives
October 31, 2012

TEGO Web Seminars

The interactive web seminar platform from Evonik’s business line Coating Additives is now online!

For many years, we've been training customers in the use of our TEGO products, primarily through personal contact. However, it is often the case that the daily routine doesn't allow for physical attendance to our technical trainings and seminars. These new web seminars offer our customers live and flexible information transfer and training on our newest products. On our website,, the customers will find a web seminar area where an initial overview of our online trainings is available. Following successful registration and login, further information on individual training modules will be provided.

Our web seminars are free and protect the identity of all participants while maintaining their ability to utilize a chat feature within the web environment to ask questions and request feedback.
TEGO – Adding Advantages.