Press release
Coating Additives
March 30, 2009

TEGO® Foamex K 8 – The Up-to-date Alternative to Mineral Oil Defoamers

TEGO® Foamex K 8 is the new powerful defoamer for architectural coatings from Evonik - the up-to-date alternative to mineral oil defoamers.

The vegetable oil-based defoamer shows superior defoaming not only in interior and exterior low-VOC coatings, but in nearly all waterborne architectural formulations. The defoamer combines high efficiency with excellent compatibility, both in low PVC facade paints based on pure acrylics and highly filled interior wall paints based on styrene acrylics.

Moreover the mineral oil-free TEGO® Foamex K 8 offers an outstanding long-term effectiveness during storage of the paint.