COATINO® - The dynamic formulation network for coatings and inks

Find the right coating product for your formulation. COATINO® offers product recommendations, coatings formulations and learning journeys. Use guided searches, compare products and order additive and resin samples directly.

Further COATINO® Services

What is COATINO®?

COATINO® is a dynamic formulation network for the coatings and inks industry. It provides digitalized product recommendations, coatings formulations, learning journeys, and more. Finding the ideal coating formulation requires a lot of time for research. With COATINO® users can simply specify which properties they need from an additive or resin. 

Coating Additives and Resins Product Search

With A-Z product search it is easy to find the right product according to formulation requirements. Products are sorted from A-Z by default. Filters allow a more specific search through the product range. Whether coating formulators are looking for solutions for waterborne, solventborne or high solids formulations or for specific application areas: they will find easily the right product. In addition, filtering by regulatory criteria like e.g. food contact, eco-label, VOC content or regional availability is possible. After choosing the right products the formulator will get access to detailed product information such as technical, regulatory or safety data sheets. There is also the option of easily ordering free samples or contacting the coatings experts directly. 

COATINO® Campus - The knowledge platform for the coatings and inks industry

On COATINO® Campus, the Coating Additives business line offers comprehensive information and training about additives and formulations. The knowledge platform provides extensive interactive eLearnings on effect groups such as defoamers and matting agents. Expert lectures, lab videos, webinars as well as tutorials round of the service. Registration and use are free of charge. COATINO® Campus is a useful tool not only for companies in the coatings and inks industry, but also for students and trainees in the field of coatings and inks who want to learn more about coating and ink additives and resins. It's flexibility is another advantage of the platform: It is 24/7 accessible and users themselves define the pace at which they want to complete the trainings. After successful completion of the courses, users will receive a certificate. The platform also offers live events such as digital conferences and webinars. And if users missed a webinar, recordings are available.