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As the Coating Additives business line of Evonik, we are a leading supplier of specialty additives for the coatings, paints and inks industry. 

At Evonik Coating Additives we have a clear mission: “We embrace the challenges of our coatings customers and work together to pave the way for sustainable, high-performance coatings.”

As a partner of choice, we offer more than 350 additives and resins with multi-purpose functionalities for paints, coatings and inks. Our product range, including well-known brands such as TEGO®, ACEMATT®, AEROSIL® and SURFYNOL®, provides a solution for every formulation our customers and partners need.

Effects portfolio solves coating and ink industry challenges

We offer more than 10 effects to meet the challenges of the paint and coatings industry. These 10+ effects include foam control, extenders and fillers, pigment wetting and dispersion, feel, matting and appearance, corrosion and thermal protection, hydrophobicity, adhesion promotion, rheology control, substrate wetting, and surface control and leveling. It is our commitment to develop additives that address the unique challenges our customers and partners face in their coating and ink formulations. This is how we turn formulations into outperformulations.

Our Industrial & Transportation market segment covers various applications, including automotive, can and coil, heat-resistant, and marine and protective coatings. These coatings safeguard valuable assets like industrial plants, cars, and luxury goods, and require specific functionalities based on their specific use. Our coating experts specialize in eco-friendly additives and resins to meet a broad range of requirements, such as foam control, adhesion, scratch resistance, corrosion protection, and anti-fouling properties.

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Our Decorative Coatings market segment includes a wide range of applications such as architectural coatings, wood coatings and pigment concentrates. These are often subject to changing trends and requirements. With our innovative portfolio of additives and resins with multi-purpose functionalities for the entire range of basic to premium coatings, as well as our formulation and regulatory expertise, we enable our customers to formulate future-proof decorative paints and coatings.

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Our Printing Inks market offers future-proof, high-performance and attractive ink solutions that meet ever-changing global regulations, sustainability targets and food contact compliance. Our product portfolio offers innovative solutions to create sustainable ink solutions and includes additives and resins for packaging inks, wallpaper and decorative inks, and inkjet inks.

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Strong technology platforms

Our range of technologies empowers us to produce additives that support our customer and partners to develop cutting-edge and outperforming coating and ink solutions. Our proficiency in silicone resins, surfactants, and polymers, as well as our expertise in organo-modified siloxanes, silica, and acetylenic diols, puts us at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

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Differentiate in sustainability and regulatory

We take sustainability seriously and develop products and technologies that reduce our customers' and end users' environmental impact and maximize their handprint and footprint. We focus on nine sustainability effects such as sustainable feedstocks, circular solutions, VOC reduction, safe use or production efficiency. Our comprehensive regulatory consulting services proactively keep our customers and partners ahead of the coatings industry's increasingly complex regulatory environment, enabling innovation for a safer future.

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Digital frontrunner in the coatings and inks industry

As a leading digital innovator in the coatings and inks industry, we provide efficient solutions for our customers and partners through our cutting-edge product search, virtual lab, and learning platform - COATINO®. Our customers can participate in our interactive and comprehensive e-learning modules to gain knowledge about coatings and inks, stay up-to-date with our latest product launches, find suitable additives, and access Safety Data and Regulatory Sheets 24/7 - including EU Eco Label Statements and Food Contact information.

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