Responsible action at Coating Additives

We accept responsibility

We believe that responsible action and business success are mutually inclusive. The development of resource-efficient, eco-friendly coatings is crucial to the success of our industry and the sustainability of our planet. The basis of our activities is the supply of products in consistent high quality and providing all types of necessary regulatory information. On this foundation, we strive to become a leader for highly sustainable solutions for paints, coatings, and inks.

Regulatory Guidance at Coating Additives

Regulatory Guidance

Keeping up with regulatory information is vital in our industry. When it comes to regulatory inquiries regarding our products, our global team of experts is available to provide the best possible customer support. Our expertise allows us to help customers meet all necessary regulatory requirements, thereby giving a boost to the development of new formulations.

Sustainability at Coating Additives


Sustainability goes deeper than the surface! It’s about the consistent viability of saving time, materials, and energy. BL Coating Additives’ holistic approach ensures that the lifecycle of coated objects is increased and that resources are saved. That’s what we call sustainability.

Quality Management at Coating Additives

Quality Management

When we talk about quality, we're referring to much more than just the specifications of our products. As part of our daily work, we strive to optimize and perfect our products and their production processes in order to supply our customers with consistently high-quality products.

Corporate Responsibility