Digital voice assistant and dynamic formulation platform for the coatings industry

2nd Place in Category "Best Digital Solution"

Voice assistants are all around us. They provide help in everyday life and are also useful when you don't have your hands free. But they are unsuitable for everyday laboratory work in the paints and coatings industry because they do not understand technical terms such as "rheology" or "dispersion".

Evonik's COATINO® digital assistant, on the other hand, understands the technical language of the paints and coatings industry and recommends the optimal additives from the Coating Additives Business Line. Users can use COATINO® to order samples, request data sheets, or inquire about product properties. In the future, COATINO® will become more and more open and include products from other manufacturers in its recommendations, such as pigments or binders.

Even without voice control, COATINO® is a great help: The digital assistant suggests guiding formulations for a large number of additives. COATINO® already calculates new formulations for pigment concentrates. Evonik's high-throughput plant also supplies new data every day, which continuously provides the digital assistant with new information. The customer has access to Evonik's coating know-how at all times. This saves customers time and money in the development of new formulations.

COATINO® has been officially available to the paint and coatings market since mid-2020.