Interview with Dr. Vedran Durasevic

Vedran Durasevic is an experienced inks formulator and current Head of Applied Research and Technology Inks for the EMEA region. Vedran has been with Evonik's Coating Additives business line since 2016. 

view the interview below.


If you remember, last time we talked about challenges specifically met in inkjet. In today’s video, I’d like to address challenges met both in printing inks and the inkjet field. I would like to introduce a completely new product to you: the SURFYNOL® 107 L. It can be used both in printing inks and inkjet. It is a molecular defoamer that can act as a wetting additive as well.

The answer to the ultimate question: Can one additive provide both defoaming and de-wetting properties alongside substrate wetting properties? The answer to that question, in my opinion, is yes. The SURFYNOL® 107 L will provide the expected reduction in static and dynamic surface tension. It will be the additive of choice when you are trying to formulate a storage-stable printing ink or inkjet formulation. It’s a nice addition to our vast portfolio, where we have acetylinic diol chemistry, polyether, and siloxane chemistry. So it gives you as a formulator the benefit of using this vast, enormous space.

The advantages and benefits of using the SURYFNOL® 107 L are many. Some of them are – and these are associated with the printing ink and inkjet field – low odor, low color, and zero-VOC. That means, as well as the fact that the product is non-corrosive, it will be compatible with print engines, printing systems, and whatever ink supply systems you are working with.