Press release
Coating Additives
June 1, 2016

Evonik expands its additive portfolio for radiation-curing printing inks and varnishes

Evonik’s TEGO® Rad 2800 is a new release additive for printing inks and varnishes. The new product displays the highest release effect in our Rad portfolio and thus takes a further step in completing the range of radiation-curing glide and release additives. TEGO® Rad 2800 has pronounced silicone character, combining strong hydrophobing properties with optimum system compatibility.

The Rad portfolio from Evonik is unique because the additives can be crosslinked into the coating; the resulting glide and release effects are particularly durable. With conventional additives, the release effect is markedly weaker and less permanent because the additives are not bound into the coating.

The use of TEGO® Rad 2200 N, 2250, and 2300 allows formulators to achieve good glide and flow in print varnishes, resulting in defined surface smoothness and good haptic qualities. Because of their outstanding compatibility, their use does not impair transparency.

TEGO® Rad 2500, 2650, and 2800 distinguish themselves particularly by their good release effect, so adhesive strips can be easily detached without leaving a residue.