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Coating Additives
March 19, 2013

Evonik: Highly effective defoamers and deaerators for the next generation

  • Evonik expands TEGO® Foamex and TEGO® Airex product lines
  • High performance products for printing food packaging

Products from the coatings industry are subject to increasingly tough requirements. With its new defoamers and deaerators, Evonik’s TEGO brand is making a significant contribution to meeting current and future demands on printing inks and coatings, especially in the area of modern, eco-friendly coatings.

TEGO® Foamex defoamers prevent formation of foam during production and application of waterborne coatings and printing inks. Pre-existing foam is destroyed and air occlusions prevented.
TEGO® Foamex 823 from Evonik is an emulsion-based, high-performance defoamer. Because of its outstanding balance between defoaming power and compatibility, it is universally applicable and thus able to replace many specialty defoamers.

TEGO® Foamex 833 is a defoamer distinguished by excellent compatibility, good foam inhibition, rapid foam collapse and long-term effectiveness. This new silicone- and mineral oil–free defoamer concentrate features excellent properties for waterborne printing inks and coatings. It also complies with numerous food contact regulations and guidelines (e.g. the A-List SR 817.023.21", appendix 6, FDA 175.105, 176.200, 176.210, XIV. BfR, 2002/72/EG, appendix III.), enabling formulation of printing inks for food packaging and "green" eco-label coatings.

While TEGO® Foamex defoamers prevent foam formation, TEGO® Airex deaerators accelerate the escape of air from the liquid coating film and prevent the formation of air bubbles and pinholes. TEGO® Airex 990 and TEGO® Airex 991 represent a new generation of deaerators for solventborne, high solids coatings as the liquid products contain 100% effective agent, are free of organic solvents and are also overcoatable. Formulators are thus free to decide the solvent content. TEGO® Airex 990 is widely applicable as a compatible deaerator for clear coats and pigmented systems. Its forte is the good balance between compatibility and effective deaeration and is suitable for all spray applications. TEGO® Airex 991 is a highly effective deaerator for pigmented fillers and top coats. Because of its excellent anti micro- and macro-foam properties, TEGO® Airex 991 can be used in many systems intended for airless, airmix and roller applications.

TEGO® Airex 921 deaerator has been specially developed for UV-cured printing inks and coatings for use in food packaging. This silicone- and solvent-free product contains only components which conform to the Swiss A List (SR 817.023.21, appendix 6). It is composed of 60% sustainable raw materials and contains 100% effective agent. This highly effective, widely-compatible deaerator can be used in clear and pigmented formulations without affecting overcoatability.

One of the highlights of the new generation of deaerators is TEGO® Airex 922. Also silicone- and solvent-free, TEGO® Airex 922 is highly effective both in emission-free and solventborne, high solids systems based on epoxide, PU and polyaspartics. The high compatibility of TEGO® Airex 922 prevents lubricating films, resulting in excellent overcoatability. Besides pigmented systems, TEGO® Airex 922 is also suitable for use in clear coats with the highest optical requirements.

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TEGO is a leading brand for additives, co-binders, specialty binders and nanoresins in the national and international coatings industry and belongs to the Evonik Coatings & Additives business unit.

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