Press release
Coating Additives
September 12, 2016

Focus on the essentials: New series of TEGO® defoamers for architectural coatings makes it possible!

The new TEGO® Foamex series 10 to 34 from Evonik enables customers to concentrate on the essentials: developing innovative architectural coatings.

Foam formation during production and application is a common problem with architectural coatings that takes up a great deal of time in the development of new innovations. Low-VOC, ecolabel-compliant, and efficient: The new defoamers reduce production times, define filling capacity more precisely, and improve the appearance and performance of architectural coatings with minimal investment.

Developers also need to find out about new raw materials and changes in the law. That means more work for the laboratories as the necessary know-how rarely comes in a package. This is now set to change because the new series of TEGO® Foamex 10 to 34 defoamers has been developed to meet all requirements pertinent to architectural coatings.

“In launching this new series of TEGO® defoamers, we are solving an annoying, time-consuming problem for our customers,” explains Daniel Brünink, director global marketing for decorative coatings. “In many cases, we therefore decide with the customer which defoamer is the best fit for their particular situation. However, it is also easy to choose a suitable defoamer by performing own tests.”

The new TEGO® Foamex defoamers do not have a negative impact on VOC or environmental labels. Thanks to the diversity of products offered, customers can rest assured that the right defoamer is available for all relevant formulations in the field of architectural coatings.

With its TEGO® Foamex products, Evonik has 30 years of experience in foam control in many segments of the paint industry.

The new portfolio comprises ten defoamers with different performance profiles and cost structures.