High throughput support for optimization of architectural coatings formulations

Optimizing architectural coating formulations can be challenging. For example, TiO2 is a scarce material; extenders can partially replace it, but it is typically very laborious to find the best possible combination. When using pigment concentrates to add color to a base paint, different additives, combinations of additives, and different dosages must be tested for each pigment. The HTE of Evonik Coating Additives helps to carry out a broad set of experiments in a very short period of time - Click here to learn more about how our experts can support your formulation work.

Automated extender testing in architectural coatings to replace titanium dioxide

Finding the optimized package of titanium dioxide and extender to partially replace TiO2 can be a very laborious undertaking. With our High Throughput Equipment, we can test a broad range of extenders, dosages, and TiO2 levels to find the formulation with the best performance profile. Important properties to evaluate the benefit of extenders are wet and dry hiding power. The measurement of wet hiding power is a difficult task. This automated system takes closeup pictures of freshly applied panels with the imaging module followed by automated color analysis (GIMP). Dry hiding is measured automatically with a spectrometer (L-value over white and black) of dried coated panels.

Pigment concentrate optimization with ZETASPERSE® 3800 on different pigments

The HTE is the perfect tool to optimize pigment concentrates. To find the best use-level for each dispersing additive,  the equipment tests different dosages on a broad range of pigments. With this automated system, we have the chance to find the perfect dosage for every dispersing additive on any pigment. In the shown example, we see the pigment concentrate properties with four different pigments for ZETASPERSE® 3800 – with outstanding performance results!