Press release
Coating Additives
March 15, 2017

Liquid adhesion resins lower the VOC content of coatings

• TEGO® AddBond is FDA-approved for food contact
• Reduces viscosity

Evonik's new adhesion resins – TEGO® AddBond LP 1600 and LP 1611 – for coating formulations have excellent flow properties and are suitable for food contact. Additionally, they reduce viscosity without increasing the volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of the coating. This unique combination of characteristics allows for their use as adhesion resins in high solids applications. As an added advantage, the high active ingredient content (100%) reduces the cost of storage and transportation.

The fluid TEGO® AddBond LP co-binders are polyester resins that are formulated for addition to an existing coating system. Developed specifically for high solids systems (such as 2K PU, 2K EP, baking enamel, or alkyd formulations), these products are particularly suitable for industrial items (such as large vehicles, ship coatings, and general industrial coatings) that are not coated in an industrial environment. For such applications, long life expectancy, weather resistance, and chemical resistance are the greatest concerns. Additionally, thanks to FDA approval 175.300, both AddBond LP grades are suitable for food contact. The two products also meet the requirements for printing inks used in packaging stipulated by the Swiss Consumer Goods Ordinance (Swiss A). Furthermore, the products are not classified as hazardous goods, making them safe to handle.

TEGO® AddBond LP 1600 and TEGO® AddBond LP 1611 differ in their inherent viscosity: LP 1611 is slightly more viscous than LP 1600 but has a lower impact on the hardness of the final system and thus, on the mechanical properties of the surface.
In contrast, LP 1600 is less viscous and therefore reduces the VOC content even more than LP 1611.

Due to increasingly strict worldwide emission limits for VOCs, coatings manufacturers are facing greater limitations in their raw material selection and are looking for new ways to adjust their formulations. Evonik continuously expands its additives and resins portfolio to support its customers in this effort.

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