Packaging ink additives

Additives for Packaging Inks

Our additives for packaging inks can help you increase pigment loading levels, improve substrate wetting, and improve the aesthetics and longevity of ink formulations. Whether you're formulating waterborne, solventborne, or radiation-cure inks, we have solutions for your most challenging formulations.

Film, foil, paper packaging inks

Film, Foil and Paper Packaging

To meet both the demanding performance requirements and food contact compliance needs of food packaging inks market, our strength in innovation can help you master the current and future challenges.

Inkjet ink packaging additives


Digital printing for packaging continues to show strong growth, enabling customization and individualization to brand owners. Evonik offers additive solutions to enable improved substrate wetting and adhesion, stable pigment dispersion, and improved rub resistance. Our products also address many of today's requirements for global food contact compliance.

Product recommendations inks

Detailed product recommendations for packaging inks

Further documents and downloads

We recognize the need to offer additives that meet the ever-increasing regulatory demands for food packaging inks. We are pleased to offer additives that comply with Swiss Ordinance, Nestle, FDA, China GB, Mercosur, and more.

Foam control additives

Foam control, Solventborne and UV Systems 

What is foam and how to control it? You can find the answers in this video, which is a training for foam control technologies for Solventborne and UV Systems.

Defoamers for waterborne coatings

Defoamers & deaerators for waterborne coatings

When dealing with coatings we know there might be no moment without the risk to create foam. All this foam lead in a lot of problems like the loss of weather resistance or corrosion protection. To get rid of that macro and micro foam we need defoamers and dearators.

Foam prevention in printing applications

Effective wetting and foam prevention in dynamic printing applications

Dr. Vedran Durasevic, Senior Manager of Applied Technology for Digital Inks and New Technologies, discusses how the new SURFYNOL® 107 L provides multiple functionalities to printing and inkjet inks.

Food contact compliant additives

Addressing global food contact compliances with additives

Thorsten Schierle, Head of Applied Research and Technology- Decorative Inks and Projects EMEA with Evonik Coating Additives, discusses the importance of balancing performance and regulatory demands placed upon food packaging inks.