Additives for solventborne direct grinds
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Get ready for Titanium dioxide reformulations: Additives for High-Quality solventborne direct grinds

These days, TiO2 formulations are under pressure. Increasing regulations and commercial viability leads to continuous improvement of TiO2 formulations. With the optimum dispersing agents from Evonik Coating Additives, you will be able to achieve your goals.

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Tego Dispers 628 and 655

Strongest viscosity reduction in white base paint 2-pack PU coating formula

Viscosity reduction in coatings

Coating Additives offers a broad range of additives to further improve your formulation

AEROSIL® fumed silica for optimum rheology control and pigment stabilization during production, application, and storage. AEROSIL® 200 and AEROSIL® R 972 are recommended for anti-sagging and anti-settling effect for high-quality wood coating applications.

ACEMATT® silica-based matting agents can be easily used for gloss reduction in almost any type of coating formulation. High efficiency to achieve deep-matte and excellent surface appearance with high transparency. ACEMATT® TS 100, ACEMATT® 3300, as well as ACEMATT® OK 412 are recommended for high-quality wood coating applications.

TEGO® Airex deaerators prevent the formation of air inclusions and pinholes. For example, TEGO® Airex 931 is universally used in solventborne formulations. It is also highly effective against macro-foam but still compatible. TEGO® Airex 990 is highly suitable for wood and furniture coatings.