Tego Coloraid
Pigment Concentrates

TEGO® Color Aid Compatibilizer

New compatibilizers improve the use of universal pigment concentrates in alkyd resin coatings.

New TEGO® Color Aid technology  from Evonik expands the application possibilities of universal pigment concentrates in alkyd resin based coatings. Alkyd coatings still present a challenge for universal pigment concentrates. New TEGO® Color Aid is a compatibilizer that is added to the base coat to increase compatibility with the pigment concentrate. In contrast to currently available compatibilizers, the new technology functions for organic as well as inorganic pigments. 

Moreover, the properties of the finished coating are barely affected. Compared with existing compatibilizers, only a very small addition level is required. In addition, the structure of the amino-amide surfactant has been tailored so that the drying time of the coating remains nearly unaffected. The color shades also remain unchanged and need no adjustment.