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Binders and granules for thermal insulation coatings

Spray applied thermal insulation coatings overcome the challenges of moisture infiltration and the fact that complex shapes and valves are usually not insulated due to the high effort, which leads to safety risks for personnel and increased energy losses. 

Thermal insulation coatings substantially reduce energy loss and contribute to occupational health and safety as they can significantly reduce the temperature of hot surfaces for personnel protection (Safe Touch).  They also provide protection against moisture penetration and therefore prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI), which can significantly increase the service life of coated items.  

In contrast to conventional insulation systems, such as mineral wool, thermal insulation coatings are easy to apply on complex 3D shapes via spray application, and can also be applied during ongoing operations, giving the benefit of dramatically reducing downtime and maintenance costs.  

TEGO® Therm L 300

The TEGO® Therm L 300 is a waterborne, heat-resistant poly-siloxane hybrid resin which is free of organic solvents and features a significantly reduced VOC content from production to application. It can withstand temperatures of up to 250 °C, while standard acrylic-based binders for TICs can only withstand temperatures no higher than 160 °C. The TEGO® Therm L 300 has given excellent adhesion to various substrates, as well as high compatibility with various binder types (such as waterborne acrylics) and ensures particularly resilient coatings.

Product details and data sheets TEGO® Therm L 300

TEGO® Therm HPG 4000

TEGO® Therm HPG 4000 is a silica-based granulate with a special IR passivation component that enhances the thermal insulation properties, especially in the high temperature range. It ensures superior low thermal conductivity, high hydrophobicity, and reduced flammability in thermal insulation coatings (TIC).

Product details and data sheets TEGO® Therm HPG 4000

TEGO® Therm HPG 6806

TEGO® Therm HPG 6806 consists of finer particles of approx. 30 µm, that also provides excellent insulation functionality. It is recommended in combination with TEGO® Therm HPG 4000
(approx. 300 µm) to improve the mechanical resistance in thermal isolation coatings and to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Product details and data sheets TEGO® Therm HPG 6806

Fact Sheet TEGO® Therm

Download our fact sheet for thermal insulation coatings.

COATINO® Campus Online Course

This course provides an overview on the new TEGO® Therm product range for thermal insulation coatings. Technical background and benefits in regard to handling, performance and sustainability will be explained within the course.


  • Technical webcast
  • Lab video - Incorporation TEGO® Therm
  • Substrate pre-treatment and application of TIC
  • Safe touch performance of TEGO® Therm based TICs
  • Handling of TEGO® Therm HPG 4000

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