Press release
Coating Additives
October 28, 2011

Meet all regulations with TEGO® Foamex 833

New silicone- and mineral oil-free defoamer for waterborne printing inks and coatings

TEGO® Foamex 833 is a silicone- and mineral oil free defoamer concentrate providing excellent performance for waterborne printing inks and paints. The composition allows the formulation of printing inks for food packaging and the formulation of green coatings and paints compliant with many different environment regulations.
Excellent compatibility, good foam inhibition, fast foam break-down and superior long term efficiency are key features of TEGO® Foamex 833.

TEGO® Foamex 833 is globally listed and compliant with many food contact directives like A-list of Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21, FDA 175.300, XIV. BfR, 2002/72/EG, Anh. III.