Press release
Coating Additives
September 11, 2009

New Tego Products Increase Conductivity and Electrostatic Charge Dissipation of Paints and Coatings

The high-performance antistatic additives Tego ADDID® 230 and Tego ADDID® 240 significantly increase conductivity and electrostatic charge dissipation in paints and coatings, and are suitable for solvent-free and waterborne formulations.

They are extremely easy to use: The liquid additives are simply stirred in and are suitable even for clear coats. Because the products are colorless, they do not affect the hue of the coating; in fact the additives offer an additional advantage for color selection because, for example, their use allows the fiber content in ESD coatings to be reduced. Both the products are solvent-free and consist entirely of the active substances.

While Tego ADDID® 230 is distinguished by its particularly good compatibility, even at high concentrations, with a variety of polymers, Tego ADDID® 240 impresses by its improved antistatic capabilities and particularly wide compatibility in waterborne formulations.