Regulatory Guidance at Coating Additives

Due to the broad spectrum of end-use applications for coatings and inks, it is a challenge for manufacturers to ensure the compliance of their complex product formulations in all relevant application areas and regions. Keeping up with the increasingly complex regulatory environment is not only vital in our industry – it has become a massive driver for product innovation towards a safer future for consumers and environment.

Elearning regulatory guidance

Regulatory E-Learning

We have developed a comprehensive e-learning module to convey a basic regulatory understanding. Let us guide you on your journey through the universe of regulations on coatings and inks!

Login at COATINO® Campus to find the e-learning module “Regulatory Universe” in the Sustainability section.

Regulatory coating product search

Regulatory Search Tool

The Regulatory Search tool is part of our COATINO® product search and is designed to select those products that match a specific regulatory profile. In just a few clicks you will get a comprehensive compilation of products that meet your requirements in country registration, food contact or ecolabel compliance and other regulatory features.

Regulatory documents for coatings and inks

Self Service Regulatory Product Documents

Based on our decades of experience, we have established and continuously evolve our regulatory documents for our product portfolio. We offer these free downloads ensuring that our customers can access the most recent versions 24/7.

  • Regulatory Data Sheets (RDS) and Product Safety Information (PSI) are answering the “Regulatory FAQs”
  • EU Ecolabel Statements are available online for prioritized products
  • Food Contact Statements can be downloaded for a rich selection of products
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for many regions and in multiple languages.
Food contact overview for coatings and inks

Food Contact Overview

We recognize the need to offer additives that meet the ever-increasing regulatory demands for food packaging inks. We are pleased to offer additives that comply with Swiss Ordinance, Nestle, FDA, China GB, Mercosur, and more.

Regulatory statements for coatings and inks

Information about substance restrictions

Here you can download a selection of statements on different regulatory topics, such as ongoing substance restrictions and their potential impact on our product portfolio.

Global chemical inventories and REACH

Global Chemical Inventories & REACH

We understand the increasing relevance of compliance with global chemical regulations, enabling global business. In our Regulatory Data Sheets you find the chemical inventory status per product.

Below we provide relevant information about new chemical inventories and REACH regulations and their influence on our product portfolio.

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