Press release
Coating Additives
March 30, 2009

SILIKOPON® EC – Silicone Epoxy Hybrid Resin Features Excellent Chemical Resistance

With SILIKOPON®, from its Tego product range, Evonik is introducing a new class of organofunctional silicone resins in the form of silicone epoxy hybrid resins.

Thanks to their outstanding chemical resistance, SILIKOPON® products meet all requirements for heat-stable anticorrosive coatings, which is why they are used primarily in coatings for exhaust pipes or mufflers.

SILIKOPON® EC makes formulations resistant against chemicals, improves the heat stability of coatings, and increases their flexibility while offering excellent corrosion protection at the same time.

SILIKOPON® EW and SILIKOPON® EC are both solvent-borne products. In developing them, Evonik relied on a broad range of silicone-based technologies for chemically combining epoxy resins with highly cross-linked silicone resins.