Press release
Coating Additives
December 12, 2014

SILIKOTOP® E 900 and SILIKOTOP® E 901 - New Specialty Binders for High Solids Contents in Corrosion Protection Applications

SILIKOTOP® E 900 and SILIKOTOP® E 901 are isocyanate-cured silicone hybrid resins designed for top coat application in high solids and high performance protective coatings ranging from marine to trucks & public transport. Beside excellent corrosion protection properties as well as weather, chemical and mechanical resistances, both products offer extraordinary advantages in processability and appearance. The very high solids content of 90% combined with a low viscosity help to formulate low VOC formulations that are easily processable. In terms of applicability, SILIKOTOP® E 900 and SILIKOTOP® E 901 enable film thicknesses of up to 200 µm in a single coating layer. In markets like trucks & public transport, protective coatings must be functional but also satisfy appearance characteristics. The SILIKOTOP® resins fulfill these qualities by providing excellent corrosion protection, a remarkable appearance, as well as excellent leveling properties. SILIKOTOP® E 900 shows a significantly enhanced flexibility with good tough-elasticity ensuring durability in heavy duty corrosion protection applications. SILIKOTOP® E 901 promotes an even better weather and chemical resistances, faster drying and a higher hardness in the cured film.