Press release
Coating Additives
March 30, 2009

TEGO® Airex 944 – Deaerator for Emission-free 2Pack Floor Coatings

TEGO® Airex 944 is a powerful new deaerator designed for use in emission-free polyurethane floor coatings, matching the demands of the latest regulations. Polyurethane floor coatings formulated with this deaerator fullfill the strict criteria of AgBB with regards to volatile organic components from building materials.

The performance of TEGO® Airex 944 is very universal and shows superior performance with a variety of polyols and isocyanates. Floor coatings containing TEGO® Airex 944 are easily to recoat with both waterborne and solventborne sealers.

Besides polyurethane floor coatings TEGO® Airex 944 is also highly suitable for solvent-free epoxy floor coatings and high solids alkyd coatings.