Press release
Coating Additives
March 30, 2009

TEGO® Dispers 670 – Wetting and Dispersing at its Highest Level

TEGO® Dispers 670 is a high performance wetting and dispersing additive for solventborne applications. It allows the formulation of organic, inorganic or carbon black pigment dispersions for high end applications such as automotive coatings, industrial 2-pack PU systems or enamels requiring superior transparency in combination with high gloss.

Effective reduction of mill-base viscosities and therefore high pigment loadings with excellent pigment stabilization were achieved as well. Extremely low yield points were detected with pigment dispersions based on TEGO® Dispers 670 in combination with superior color strength development.

Chemical composition

40 % solution of a high molecular weight polymer with pigment affinic groups in MPA/dibasic ester (mixing ratio 1:1)