Press release
Coating Additives
June 11, 2013

TEGO® Dispers 672 - Superior Dispersant for Solventborne High-End Applications

TEGO® Dispers 672 is the new wetting and dispersing additive for high quality pigment concentrates, car repair coatings, plastic coatings and industrial coatings. It provides superior color strength and transparency in pigment concentrates and coatings with both organic and carbon black pigments. 

In addition, TEGO® Dispers 672 works well with many different solventborne binders and provides excellent storage properties with colorants. Outstanding gloss, low haze and low rub-out can be achieved, especially in 2-pack PU systems. TEGO® Dispers 672 is free of aromatic solvents and is our first choice for modern, high quality solventborne applications.