Press release
Coating Additives
February 25, 2015

TEGO® Dispers 678 – Widely Applicable Dispersant for Solventborne Direct Grinds in Industrial Coatings

With TEGO® Dispers 678, Evonik Industries AG launches a new widely applicable dispersing additive, which is designed for both high-solid and medium-solid solventborne direct grinds in industrial coatings.

Its excellent stabilization of all pigments and fillers, as well as its broad compatibility with all common binders, makes TEGO® Dispers 678 the dispersant of choice for solventborne co-grinding systems. As a high-performance product, it shows an excellent stable color and very low rub-out results in the coating.

Additionally, it provides a stable color independent of the application method. With TEGO® Dispers 678, a strong reduction in viscosity may be achieved; this allows for very high solids content in the coating. Furthermore, TEGO® Dispers 678 is incorporated easily due to its low viscosity.

These benefits qualify TEGO® Dispers 678 as an excellent general use dispersant. TEGO® Dispers 678 complements the existing TEGO® Dispers specialty products for high-solid and medium-solid systems for direct grinds in industrial application.