Press release
Coating Additives
September 1, 2010

TEGO® Dispers 741 W – The economical solution for waterborne pigment concentrates!

Especially in Deco-paints, a well balanced cost calculation is very important. The new wetting and dispersing additive TEGO® Dispers 741 W enables formulators to develop cost-efficient colorants with outstanding color strength. TEGO® Dispers 741 W can be used for the formulation of dispersions based on organic, inorganic and carbon black pigments and is highly compatible with a broad variety of binders.

TEGO® Dispers 741 W stabilizes pigment particles efficiently and leads to long term stable pigment dispersions.

TEGO® Dispers 741 W is an aqueous solution of a polymeric wetting and dispersing additive based on renewable resources. It is free of organic solvents and alkylphenolethoxylates.