Press release
Coating Additives
March 1, 2016

TEGO® Dispers 747 W: The efficient additive for intense reds and yellows

The new dispersing additive from Evonik is efficient in three ways: First, it increases pigment loading, which simplifies the grinding process. Second, it can be used for all types of iron oxide, thus reducing the number of dispersing additives needed — a significant difference from additives based on polyacrylate salts. Third, it closes the price/performance gap to many more costly polymer additives. TEGO® Dispers 747 W has been specially developed for water-based iron oxide concentrates in architectural applications.

The additive combines the advantages of electrostatic stabilization with those of steric stabilization. As a result, this provides lasting pigment stabilization for a uniformly high level of color intensity, even when stored for long periods of time. In addition, the additive lowers the viscosity of the pigment concentrate. This allows the concentrate to absorb more pigment, reducing the amount of concentrate needed to cover a given surface area.

“The demands for covering power and color intensity are growing constantly in architectural applications, and that increases the demands on the dispersing additive used,” explains Daniel Brünink, the Director of Global Marketing for Decorative Coatings. “The additives used up until now do not stabilize formulations adequately. But thanks to TEGO® Dispers 747 W, formulators now have a cost-effective solution for architectural applications.”

TEGO® Dispers 747 W is suitable for water-based, inorganic pigment concentrates and demonstrates excellent processing characteristics in the tinting process.