Press release
Coating Additives
September 18, 2009

TEGO® Dispers 765 W - Excellent Dispersing Results and High Profitability

TEGO® Dispers 765 W is a new, polymeric wetting and dispersing additive for waterborne printing inks. This product allows the formulation of concentrates with high pigment loads.

Beside low viscosities, this product leads to very good and stable color and gloss values. It is best suited for the use in waterborne binder-free pigment concentrates, but it is also recommended for binder-containing grinds and concentrates. TEGO® Dispers 765 W is free of solvents and alkylphenolethoxylates.

TEGO® Dispers 765 W allows a higher pigment load during the grinding, leading to cost savings in the production process. Additionally, it is possible to manufacture a complete series of concentrates by using only TEGO® Dispers 765 W, resulting in fewer additives for your formulation.

Guiding formulations of waterborne, binder-free pigment concentrates with standard ink process pigments are available on request.