Press release
Coating Additives
January 18, 2016

TEGO® VariPlus LK lowers VOC content in pigment concentrates and coatings formulations

Evonik helps to reduce emissions, more formulation freedom for customers

For the formulator, this means more formulation freedom, increased flexibility in the choice of raw materials, and greater color diversity. Because the grinding resin is liquid, dissolving is unnecessary thus eliminating a production step.

Until now, pigment concentrates have generally had a high VOC content, which largely determines the final VOC content of colored coatings. To reduce this high VOC content, Evonik has developed TEGO® VariPlus LK grinding resin. The new resin reduces the viscosity of the concentrate thus permitting optimized pigment loading. Used in combination with TEGO® Dispers 676 dispersing additive, the VOC content in the concentrate can be lowered by up to 75%. For the overall formulation this means a VOC reduction of up to 100g/l when adding 20% concentrate.

“VariPlus LK is one of the first liquid grinding resins on the market”, emphasizes Daniel Brünink, Director Global Marketing Decorative Coatings. “Up to now grinding resins have been supplied as granules which have to be dissolved in a solvent. With VariPlus LK, formulators will be able to cut out this step.”

The new grinding resin is compatible with all common binders. Coatings properties are scarcely affected by pigment concentrates based on VariPlus LK.

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