Working hand in hand to find the perfect pigment concentrate

1st Place in Category "Best Service Provider"

The search for the optimal additive is a complex and time-consuming affair: In addition to expertise and experience, above all many test series are necessary to arrive at the desired result. Together, Evonik's Coating Additives Business Line and DAW SE took up this challenge and developed a pigment concentrate for tinted coating systems. The required product properties were numerous and required careful selection, balancing, and metering of the raw materials used.

The assembled team of experts consisted of three groups: The technicians from DAW SE, the architectural coatings experts from Evonik, and the team from Evonik's high-throughput plant. This "test line" for paint and coatings formulations can handle up to 120 tests a day and can vary products and dosages as desired in a very short time. Thus multiple determinations provide a statistically sound basis for decisions, some even off the beaten track.

The intense exchange between the technical experts of both companies in combination with the highly automated testing and plant technology resulted in achieving the desired pigment paste in record time. The result: The paste manufacturer saves a lot of time and gets an excellent working basis for the subsequent optimization steps in the laboratory.