Press release
Coating Additives
March 27, 2017

Evonik launches next generation Grind Aid engineered to meet VOC and regulatory compliances in Coatings and Inks

Evonik offers a range of high-performance additives and its Coatings Additives business will showcase the latest addition to the product line - CARBOWET® GA-200 surfactant - at the European Coatings Show, Nuremburg. CARBOWET® GA-200 surfactant provides multifunctional benefits in a wide range of aqueous formulations and meets increasing global regulations and EH&S considerations.

Originally developed by the former Performance Materials Division of Air Products, which the Essen, Germany based company recently acquired, CARBOWET® GA-200 surfactant is suitable for low-zero VOC, low emission and Ecolabel compliant formulations. In addition, this non-ionic, next generation Grind Aid surfactant offers superior low-foam surfactancy for pigmented systems providing wetting, milling, and compatibilization benefits without the adverse impacts on water sensitivity, foam, or rheology typically found with other surfactants.

The performance characteristics of CARBOWET® GA-200 surfactant extend to a wide range of applications and formulations in which the combination of dynamic wetting, compatibilization and stabilization can provide unique benefits.

The CARBOWET® GA-200 surfactant is the latest in the line of engineered solutions for the coatings market and its benefits, as well as others are featured in a paper - “Leveraging surfactant Structure-Property Relationships to Address Emerging Needs in Coatings,” by Christine Louis, Evonik Materials Netherlands B.V., The Netherlands and K. Michael Peck, Evonik Corporation, USA – that will be presented on Monday 3rd April in session 5 on Day one of the European Coatings Show Conference 2017.