Press release
Coating Additives
March 27, 2017

New additive allows for use of universal pastes in alkyd resin coatings

New TEGO® Color Aid technology from Evonik expands the potential uses of pigment concentrates in paints and coatings based on alkyd resins. Whereas most universal pastes work well in a wide variety of coating systems, alkyd resin coatings remain a challenge: Pigments cannot be readily stabilized in the binder, resulting in uneven color intensity. Referred to as a compatibilizer, the new TEGO® Color Aid is added to formulations to increase compatibility between the pigment concentrate and the binder. Unlike previously available compatibilizers, the new technology benefits both organic and inorganic pigments.

As an additive in the coating base, the compatibilizer can force water out of the pigment concentrate once the latter has been added. This allows the full effect of the dispersion additive in the pigment concentrate to develop, stabilizing the pigments in the coating base and thus optimizing the absorption of the color paste and the distribution of color.

The key advantage of TEGO® Color Aid technology: The properties of the finished coating remain virtually untouched. The amount needed of the new product is very small relative to existing compatibilizers. In addition, the structure of the amino amide surfactant was designed to have only a slight impact on the drying time of the coating. Color values likewise remain constant and do not need to be adjusted. As such, the yellowing process remains unaffected.

The additional costs of the compatibilizer barely register, given that such a tiny amount is necessary and the technology is only used precisely where it is needed — in the alkyd resin system. The use of TEGO® Color Aid can also reduce the cost of developing or updating universal pastes.

With the development of TEGO® Color Aid, Evonik expands its portfolio with a product that reduces the complexity of developing new formulations, thereby relieving customers of some of their work.